In the Diffusion project, Kirill Simakov continues to experiment with contemplative practices. However, for an inquisitive mind, an interactive portal opens in a new series of works: here you are a co-generator of fantasies born from the magic of ink. looking at photographs, your brain transforms into an aerodrome of ideas and thoughts that fly to different parts of the world for information about what they saw: to China, for the history of ink; to medieval Europe at the time of widespread enthusiasm for Alchemy as a serious science; to the world of antiquity – to the beginning of biblical stories about the creation of the world: from the moment of separation of darkness from light to modern phantasmagoria, giving birth to mystical creatures that live only in our imagination, however, having overcome the multimillion-dollar evolution of everything known on the planet.


The author works with three primary colors, they are in the spotlight: red, yellow, blue. This is the basis for the experiments. The combination of black and red is associated with the paintings of Rembrandt, where red and black colors follow side by side from one canvas to another in all his subjects: from the scarlet cloaks of the Night Watch to bloody flowers in the decoration of girls and the headdresses of venerable elders. Perhaps your associations are of a different plan, they take you to the jungles of Brazil, to the dynamic flapping wings of the handsome Macaw parrot.

The combination of red and white, which instantly absorbs black, turns it into gray ash, dense layers of which have covered the surroundings of Vesuvius for centuries. Blue and green are comparable to the breath of angels on medieval geographical maps or Atlantic jellyfish, attractive to the eye, but dangerous to life! In the Diffusion project, special attention is paid to yellow as one of the main colors of human civilization: here it is not the color of the sun or sand, but man-made yellow, rarely found in the attire of fish or insects and is comparable to exotic fruits on Gauguin’s canvases, or the sunset of color turmeric at Edvard Munch in the painting “The Scream”. About a hundred years ago, Simakov’s photographs could easily be classified as “wild” – for the riot of colors and their active interaction with a black background.




These are far from all associations with philosophical and magical combinations in a series of photographs of a great master of mystification: in black velvet colors twinkling galaxies of bizarre shapes. The spectrum is refracted, splits into tones and semitones, shades and penumbra –  rich, saturated colors are born from chemical compounds: purple – once , because of the high cost of producing this color, the emperor Aurelius refused his wife a gift … After all violet in ancient times was in the first place “in the hierarchy of colors” and was worth its weight in gold , and if we were to compile a “color encyclopedia” – this color would be in the first place: the color symbolizing the universe known to us.

Kirill builds the exposition on his own, he pays attention to the number of selected works: there are 21 of them. In some countries, there is a distrust of eighteen-year-old young people as minors, but at 21, most of us are ready for adulthood. 21 is the age of freedom in actions, inseparable from the awareness of the boundaries of this freedom, determined by external laws and internal maturity. In our project, the declared number of works is the experience of an adult who is able to capture ideal color proportions in a glass of ink by eye. Kirill’s photographs are connected not only with numerology or alchemy – they have a lot of dynamics, they meet the requirements of the modern viewer. They are carriers of information transmitted per second of time. One look at the image and you are immersed in the web; information flows into the viewer, as from the screen of an electrical medium: affecting various processes of the nervous system: from the dark layers of modern fast printing, you absorb the flow of knowledge about colors, their history and dynamics. These photographs are like Flemish painting, where everyday scenes (combined with symbolism) carried an uncountable number of meanings to their audience , as a rule, instructive and instructive at the same time. Thus, the author of the Diffusion project presents his own special reading and vision

Colors – as the world of the living and the dead; subtle substance of the human soul, reflecting his emotional state and, at the same time, being the shortest path to the Cosmos through color trans-meditation, where it is possible to overcome the laws of attraction in order to ascend into the upper layers of the atmosphere or go beyond the heavenly limit, with the ability to settle in the star dust of the Milky Way , in the black nebula of Kirill Simakov’s color feast.


                                                                                                  ©Zarina Tayts


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