In the Diffusion project, Kirill Simakov continues to experiment with contemplative practices. However, for an inquisitive mind, an interactive portal opens in a new series of works: here you are a co-generator of fantasies born from the magic of ink. looking at photographs, your brain transforms into an aerodrome of ideas and thoughts that fly […]


Miami Beach, December 2019

Leica Akademie Book

Inspiration Leica Akademie This new book is like an inspiring visit to a gallery “Creativity always works best when we find the courage to question ingrained thought and behaviour patterns, and dare to follow paths as yet unknown.” This new book is like an inspiring visit to a gallery. Heidi and Robert Mertens have curated […]

Black Swan

Backstage Attributes Cover: Артистка Большого Театра Влада Захарова  Фотограф: Кирилл Симаков Прическа: Татьяна Абрамович Мастер МэйкАп: Андрей Лоос Ассистент фотографа: Назыров Рустам Украшения: Maximilian London Локация: Маяк Студии